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Dr. Al Masum Ziaul Haque

Dr. Al Masum Ziaul Haque (pictured standing left in the group photo, with DCKH surgeons Dr. Ulrike Lamlé and Dr. Zaman) is a trained cleft surgeon who has been performing cleft surgery since 2006. Dr. Masum received training in plastic surgery under Prof. Shafquet Hossain Khundker (pioneer plastic surgeon in cleft lip and palate in Bangladesh) at Dhaka Medical College Hospital from 2007 to 2008. Dr. Masum has been performing cleft lip and palate surgeries as an assistant surgeon in cooperation with his fellow DCKH partner surgeon Dr. Muhammad Quamruzzaman since 2010 and has performed around 3700-4000 cleft surgeries. In winter 2022/23 he started his own team under the Cleft Bangladesh umbrella. Helping cleft patients live their lives free from cleft gives him inner peace and motivates him to continue his work in the field of cleft lip and palate surgeries.