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Our Trainees

We are maintaining a traineeship program in Bangladesh to add new surgeons to our team. Promising young surgeons receive specialist training in cleft surgery by our team of veteran surgeons, who have thousands of cleft surgeries between them. This knowledge transfer ensures that we can continue to offer more and more high-quality care to cleft children in Bangladesh.

Currently one trainee, Dr. Shantona Rani (pictured, right), is in the program and is currently nearing the end of her cleft surgery traineeship. A former trainee, Dr Masfiquer Rahman, is already working as a full Cleft Bangladesh surgeon. We are very excited to have these two on our team.

A next traineeship round will begin shortly and will again call for young surgeons with relevant specialties such as pediatric or maxillofacial surgery to apply for specialist training in cleft surgery and subsequent work as a Cleft Bangladesh surgeon in service of cleft children in Bangladesh.